A Place In the Heavens

He passed away last summer, and she wondered if I could pull some cards to see if their life together had meant anything or if it had all been a waste; she wondered what it had all meant to him just before he passed. When the cards began showing up reversed, she began to weep, claiming it had all been a waste, that nowadays she just kept on breathing but to no end, for no purpose. We spent ninety minutes together unpacking her Essence Reading until she experienced a breakthrough and managed to turn the Wheel.

Waking Jaguar

Waking Jaguar is a series of Rings of Aka Dua videos designed to activate your Magick Rings. This is the first one! Take your Waking Jaguar Ring of Aka Dua and push play. Enjoy!

Magick Rings by Viento

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PS: When Lodge Master Oso ends up with water in the water bucket at the end of the fourth round of our sweat lodge, he allows only the bravest of warriors from the tribe to enter the extra round. He calls it the “chingón round,” and it’s always voluntary. Sometimes, I step inside too…

All You Had to Do

How did you get here again? Why? You deserve it for sure. There is no future. You have no legacy. You have no past that supports you. The present is only darkness. Where are your dreams? Unable to stand up and do anything about it, the end is coming, and you know you cannot change that, and you know you cannot survive it, that no one will help you. You weep to no end and no avail, in shame and guilt for not knowing that all you had to do was to wake up.

Shape and Shift Your Reality

You have learned to receive grace and divine love, and are now sharing the purest part of yourself with others alike. Aspire always now and stride towards the sacred in principle and action. 

You have now the knowledge and the resources to shape and shift your reality in accordance to the divine plans your essence has already drafted.

Now, go ahead and turn the tables to your desire.